Folk Songs from the Digital Tradition

Folk Songs from Digital Tradition

   This collection of almost 10000 songs is a mirror of the 'Digital Tradition Folk Song Database, compiled by the good folks at The songs have been collected over more than 10 years by Dick Greenhaus and friends.

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Top 20 Most Popular O' Neills Melodies

1.You Are My Sunshine
2.Ashokan Farewell
3.Puff, the Magic Dragon
4.Lord of the Dance
5.I'll Fly Away
6.Bridge Over Troubled Water
7.Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
8.The Titanic
9.House of ther Rising Sun
10.Red River Valley
11.Oh Susanna!
12.The Fields of Athenry
14.Cotton-Eyed Joe
16.This Land is Your Land
17.Scarborough Fair
18.As Time Goes By
19.Down by the Sally Gardens
20.Pop Goes the Weasel

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