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24 Jul
  Type of music needed for a religious wedding ceremony    Posted in Piano Forum
If you need a religious wedding ceremony, picking the wedding music is not an exceptionally difficul...
23 Jul
Nadaka & Gopika - CD Review - Surya Chants of Light In music there are many different types of wor...
22 Jul
  please remove my account    Posted in Site Support Forum
i don;t like when i'm searching my email, my name appears as username, i didn't think it thr...
22 Jul
  Middle octave cracking?    Posted in Flute Forum
Usually when I play in the middle octave, I get a good, clear note without any cracking. However sin...
21 Jul
  Check out this unique style of playing French Horn!    Posted in Horn Forum
21 Jul
  Comfy Horn Strap for left hand pain.    Posted in Horn Forum
I used to get cramps in my left hand if I played fast 16th note passages. I designed the Comfy Horn...
21 Jul
  The Balanced Embouchure works great for Horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Check out my blog about my experience with The Balanced Embouchure (BE for short). I've been a ...
21 Jul
  Baritone Contraforte?    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I have read recently of the contraforte, a well-thought-out proposed replacement for the hastily des...
21 Jul
  Delight your loved ones with flowers gifts on eve of Christmas    Posted in General Forum
Love, joy and happiness are means to express in very exclusive way. They really need a day to celebr...
21 Jul
  What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello Firnds, Do you want to share your favorite musical instruments and experiences with them with ...
21 Jul
  I want to learn playing paino, any advice?    Posted in Piano Forum
Music is my passion. I want to learn piano but I could not understand how I will start to learn. Can...
19 Jul
  Soprano and piccolo trumpet mouthpieces    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I have been using a Bach 10 3/4 CW for more than 50 years and get a good tone and range on Bb trumpe...
19 Jul
  Fluted French Horn Mouthpiece?    Posted in Horn Forum
I found this interesting looking 3D-printed horn mouthpiece on Shapeways:
19 Jul
  Giving composers` due acknowledgement    Posted in Composition Forum
I am aware from numerous sources outside of the 8notes environment that my music has been downloaded...
19 Jul
  Acknowledging composers when downloading free music    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
I have been made aware from numerous sources outside of the 8notes environment that my music has bee...
18 Jul
  Another beginners question    Posted in Bassoon Forum
This must be one of the classics, I apologize beforehand :-) I wonder how important it is to (learn ...
17 Jul
  Do you know the diffference between Yamaha and Kawai Piano?    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
what is the difference between Yamaha and Kawai Piano? Which is the best piano for the beginner? ...
16 Jul
  Does anyone make Polisi bassoons now?    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I am curious about Polisi bassoons. I know that Mr. Polisi patented improvements to the bassoon and...
16 Jul
  How to make a list for popular wedding songs?    Posted in Piano Forum
If you’re looking forward to dig out popular wedding reception songs then look no further and take t...
15 Jul
  The metaphorical transformation from an infant to a young kid    Posted in General Forum
You have a simple solution which will not cost you much. Hordes of toy shops are selling scooters fo...

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