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22 Oct
  A musical game: the Strongbox    Posted in General Forum
Hello, I composed a musical games based on rhythm. I hope you will find it useful to test your skill...
20 Oct
  Transposing    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi As many af you probably know horn players transpose a lot. Do you have some tips on how to think ...
20 Oct
  i need some advice    Posted in Trombone Forum
so i literally just started today and i need some peoples help some people who know what they are do...
18 Oct
  Upgrade from Student Trumpet? (TR300)    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I've been playing trumpet for about 6 and a half years now (since 4th grade, currently in 11th g...
18 Oct
  Cello Bridge    Posted in Cello Forum
Hello, I recently bought a cello that wasn't set up, so I watched a video on youtube on how to s...
17 Oct
  Is it possible to look attractive while playing the oboe?    Posted in Oboe Forum
I've played in a youth orchestra as an oboist for a year and a bit now, and every time I have my...
16 Oct
  different type of saxophone perks??    Posted in Saxophone Forum
yes hello i am looking into learning a saxophone but i am indecisive and not sure which one i should...
13 Oct
  adequate horn range?    Posted in Horn Forum
i am in my first year of horn and i can play from F3 to F5 and im not sure if this is adequate or no...
3 Oct
  Holst`s The Planets    Posted in Classical Music Forum
I see in the Mars movement this sequence of dynamics in the first 30 or so measures for the flute: ...
3 Oct
  anyone read this?    Posted in Flute Forum
I was hoping this group would be a place to discuss all things flute, sadly it appears to not be ver...
1 Oct
  Scheherazade    Posted in Flute Forum
Orchestra Omaha is doing Scheherazade in a month. I'll be playing the picc part. Practicing da...
30 Sep
  modern music hard to sing    Posted in General Forum
Hello! I would liek to prepare some song which is modern and pretty hard to sing. Jazz/popular/any...
30 Sep
  free sheet music - modern sondg hard to sing    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hello! I wonder if someone can recomand me a free sheet music of one whole and modern song that is p...
30 Sep
  Hammig Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
I've had a Zentner piccolo since the late 80's and loved it, it's been my lil beast for ...
26 Sep
  Free Sheet Music Blog, 8,000 Sheets Available    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hi, this is Lance from Piano Sheet Music Online, our blog has up to 8,000 sheets available for downl...
24 Sep
  Brass playing in a small apartment    Posted in Horn Forum
I just finished school and have moved into an apartment. This is very strange for me since I've ...
24 Sep
  Gearing up for a YouTube audition    Posted in Horn Forum
Does any of you have experience submitting a video audition for an ensemble? What are things to avoi...
23 Sep
  Do Cello strings break easily    Posted in Cello Forum
Just got a 3/4 cello. How delicate are cello strings compared to guitar strings? I heard the A strin...
21 Sep
  La Cumparsita arrangements    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi, I'm currently playing the piece named "La Cumparsita" on piano and using this sheet here: h...
19 Sep
  Playing with dentures    Posted in Trombone Forum
I lost my 4 upper front teeth and was fitted with a "flipper" prosthetic. I went from a very very b...

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