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30 Jan
  Third octave    Posted in Oboe Forum
Hello! I cannot get some tones from third octave. I am a beginner, please do not shout!!!
30 Jan
  Tact 16...???    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Please, what is ment to sound in tact 16? Many thanks! ...
29 Jan
  balkan music    Posted in Clarinet Forum
if somebody can help me and post here some sheets for Bulgarian/balkan traditional music it will be ...
25 Jan
  Moving Up From Intermediate Horn    Posted in Horn Forum
My son is a junior in high school & has been playing a Conn 6D for the past couple of years. We are ...
23 Jan
  hai    Posted in General Forum
what is folk dance? Read More: Study MBBS in Philippines|Study MD in Philippines http://malligaimb...
23 Jan
  Is playing on the side of my mouth bad?    Posted in Horn Forum
My band director switched me from trumpet to french horn two days ago, and I was wondering if it was...
18 Jan
  Chair Positions    Posted in Percussion Forum
My 7th grade stepson competed this weekend for All-District tryouts in percussion. He received 4th ...
17 Jan
  Buying a second flute: Jupiter vs. Yamaha?    Posted in Flute Forum
I've been playing on a Gemeinhardt since 6th grade, and it's served me well (I'm a juni...
15 Jan
  The only Yugoslav sonata for 2 violins    Posted in Violin Forum
Drago Kocakov : Sonata for Two Violins 'Intimus' (comp. in 1951) Free sheet music on IMSLP ...
13 Jan
  sheet music    Posted in General Forum
HELP PLEASE! I am looking for a professional musician to write sheet music for me. ...
12 Jan
  Cuerdas.    Posted in Viola Forum
Hola, me inicio en la viola y estoy encantado, pero tengo una duda. Yo escucho que la cuerda de la, ...
6 Jan
  Please help identify the composition/composer - main classical flute theme in old movie    Posted in Flute Forum
The piece is from a very old Arabic movie, used as the soundtrack in few parts of the movie. It migh...
2 Jan
  Problem with my French Horn tune    Posted in Horn Forum
Hey! I have a big problem with my french horn tune.. EVERY note is too flat (low) in 0.5 - 1 tone! I...
30 Dec
  24 Preludes and Fugues in J.S. Bach`s style    Posted in Composition Forum
Hello everyone, I'd like to present my piano pieces, written in J.S. Bach's style in period ...
28 Dec
  More Classical Scores    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
I'm the recreational musician. I wanted more classical scores to play. Please help me....
27 Dec
  The F side of my double horn plays harder than the B Flat side.    Posted in Horn Forum
I am returning to the horn after a nearly 40 year hiatus, and am re-learning on a used Conn 6D doubl...
27 Dec
  Can Someone tell me what kind of flute is this?    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi to everyone. I watched a live performance of Ryuichi Sakamoto and his Orchestra, playing "The las...
27 Dec
  Flute for college    Posted in Flute Forum
Good morning. I searched through old posts looking, but didn't really find an answer for this. ...
26 Dec
  Piano Tuning Lever (Hammer) Tips    Posted in Piano Forum
Specialty Piano Tuning Lever (Hammer) Tips A very limited number of pianos would require the use of ...
25 Dec
  Playing Alto Recorder with a Flute Player    Posted in Recorder Forum
I play a boxwood Moeck Rottenberg alto recorder at church. About a year ago, a flute player joined u...
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