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  Re: Moving Up From Intermediate Horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Do you have a good idea where he wants to go to school at? I would look at the professional players ...
  Re: Is playing on the side of my mouth bad?    Posted in Horn Forum
I've seen people play [trumpet] out the side of their mouth just fine. As long as it sounds good...
  Re: English horn embouchure and oboe    Posted in Oboe Forum
It does take time to get used to the feel & characteristics of different instruments. With practice ...
  Re: Requesting a vocal diagnosis (I have pitch problems and don`t know what to do)    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi! This is a great method to train your voice and get better pitch, control & power in few days!!!...
  Re: Trumpet / Starting Over    Posted in Trumpet Forum
The mouthpiece idea sounds good. I'm comfortable with my fingering, that came flooding back pret...
  Re: Can Someone tell me what kind of flute is this?    Posted in Flute Forum
It's a Robert Dick Glissando Headjoint:
  Re: Problem with my French Horn tune    Posted in Horn Forum
Did you leave it unattended somewhere? Maybe someone switched slides. That's just what good Fren...
  Re: The F side of my double horn plays harder than the B Flat side.    Posted in Horn Forum
Thanks, Stephen. Now I can focus on proper playing technique instead of wondering if there is a prob...
  Re: Flute for college    Posted in Flute Forum
Jennifer Cluff has written a lot of detailed advice on what flute to buy, which to avoid. You can G...
  Re: What`s the highest (actually beautiful) french horn note you`ve heard in a score?    Posted in Horn Forum
Baroque Horn Concertos, Barry Tuckwell contains stratospheric high notes beautifully performed by on...
  Re: anyone read this?    Posted in Flute Forum
@GcBon: you're totally right to promote Tuba Christmas, they are so cool. My son has been play...
  Re: Used Flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
I would actually search for used flutes, IF: You have a local repair person that can give you advic...
  Re: Tiny pits forming on keys    Posted in Flute Forum
From your post, I am assuming you mean that the damage is in the plating? Are these actual "pits", ...
  Re: Muramatsu EX for beginner?    Posted in Flute Forum
@fluteragious: May I ask why you recommend against the better flute? Is it cost, or playability? ...
  Re: What have I purchased? :-/    Posted in Flute Forum
I do know that with many things today, from musical instruments to firearms, parts and pieces will b...
  Re: Kopprasch    Posted in Horn Forum
I think you'd be good to start Kopprasch, then. It's very standard practice repertoire. Sorr...
  Re: Possible Problem With New Yamaha Soprano YRS-24B Recorder    Posted in Recorder Forum
Well sir ... looks like it was me and not the recorder with the problem ... my problem was with my f...
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