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  Morningside - Sara Bareilles    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
If anyone has this song PLEASE email me ASAP. I have lots of music theatre songs for a belter to tra...
  Re: Optional keywork    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I also use the extra key almost all the time. On my (Chinese!) school-bassoon I am able to go from ...
  Re: Transposing    Posted in Horn Forum
Thank you VERY much! Very helpful....
  Re: Digital Piano 0-700$    Posted in Piano Forum
You may have already bought one by now but here is my 2 cents worth. I bought an inexpensive keyboar...
  Re: B Foot Questions    Posted in Flute Forum
Thanks for the replies. Over the past month, I've continued to ask advice from a variety of peo...
  Re: anyone read this?    Posted in Flute Forum
Another Flute board with more activity is:
  Re: Register key    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Good! How long have you been playing clarinet? It took me ages to play the register key without sque...
  Re: Requesting a vocal diagnosis (I have pitch problems and don`t know what to do)    Posted in Voice Forum
Hey There It is a breath problem that you are having. You need to work on using your diaphragm more...
  Re: Best guitar amps for beginners? (Thinking about a pocket amp)    Posted in Guitar Forum
Hello! I use this one at my laptop. It's a
  Re: modern music hard to sing    Posted in General Forum
Hello Lemon1, You haven't stated your gender - If you're looking for female vocals I woul...
  Re: adequate horn range?    Posted in Horn Forum
I like to think of "adequate" as a relative term. If you can comfortably play all the music you curr...
  Re: Playing with dentures    Posted in Trombone Forum
I met a trombonist with ray Charles's band bout 30 years ago. His dentures kept falling out whi...
  Re: Help ID This Buffet Crampon Carl Fischer Oboe    Posted in Oboe Forum
Hi. A very late reply I know. There is not much market for these old instruments - most people these...

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