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  My Favorite Singer Delilah Is Making American Standards Songs Just Like Frank Sinatra    Posted in Voice Forum
My favorite singer Delilah is the fresh new voice in American standards music. She’s covering some A...
  Re: Welcome back to old forum members    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi Kate! I am OK, just a few years older but that's good news after all. Have kept studying and ...
  Re: double buzz cause of humming    Posted in General Forum
I can't suggest a solution but can tell you that Alfred Brendel's recordings are made (to me...
  Re: Playing Alto Recorder with a Flute Player    Posted in Recorder Forum
I did solve this by purchasing a Mollenhauer Modern recorder in pallisander. Lazar Early Music, lent...
  Re: Sound    Posted in Site Support Forum
No we don't currently have that. As I say, it's something we're considering, but I suspe...
  Re: Beginner choosing Gliga, please help!    Posted in Violin Forum
I purchased the genial 1 from gliga I've been learning on my own since there are no violin teach...
  Re: Possible Problem With New Yamaha Soprano YRS-24B Recorder    Posted in Recorder Forum
Yes, I was going to mention that you could play your low D - the one you could get easily enough - a...
  Re: Brass playing in a small apartment    Posted in Horn Forum
When I lived in a duplex and practiced I used a fairly simple practice mute. My neighbors were quie...
  Re: Embouchure and bite    Posted in Horn Forum
I have pretty good teeth, so I've never had to deal with anything remotely close. But, here'...
  Re: Transposing    Posted in Horn Forum
I have a 1 1/2 page scale/arpeggio exercise that my first horn instructor gave me. It's been a f...
  Re: Problem with my French Horn tune    Posted in Horn Forum
Hmmmmm....Most student horn players tend to play sharp. This sounds like a problem for an experience...
  Re: Is playing on the side of my mouth bad?    Posted in Horn Forum
"If it works, it's correct"
  Re: The F side of my double horn plays harder than the B Flat side.    Posted in Horn Forum
Thanks, Valerie. ...
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