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O'Neills Music of Ireland


O' Neills Music of Ireland

This is a collection of 1850 Melodies for traditional pipe, fiddle, or other treble instrument, collected by Francis O'Neill around the turn of the 20th Century.

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Top 20 Most Popular O' Neills Melodies

1.An Irish Lullaby
2.A Blast of Wind
3.Green Sleeves
4.Midnight Dance, The
5.The Shamrock Shore
6.Autumn Woods
7. A Lover of Mild Behavior
8.Early in the Morning
9.The Midnight Dance
10.Beauty in Tears
11.A Merry Christmas
12.After The Sun Goes Down
13.Drowsy Maggie
14.Kitty's Wedding
15.Kiss the Bride
16.I'm Waiting For You
17. A Lullagy
18.The Echo
19.Rocky Road to Dublin
20.The Banks of the Nile

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